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In the current climate of media hysteria where drama trumps information, the Senate expense scandal is perfect fodder. Even though no-one got seriously hurt (other than taxpayer wallets), the scandal offers an exposé of power, privilege and just maybe some cheating and a cover-up at the highest levels of Canadian government.

Looks like a real media field day!

I don't mean to imply there is not some substance to this thing, however a bit of expense account fiddling is so inconsequential to the lives of the average Canadian that, while it deserves some commentary, it is far more about the drama than the substance.

 Clearly there has been a long-standing culture in the Senate of being very loosey-goosey on expense reporting, which has, no doubt, encouraged some to pad the account a bit. After all, you just ask for it and you get it with precious little oversight. The solution is to tighten up the reporting requirements, is it not? After all its not like this expense fiddling has not be around for a long time.

What is far more interesting is how the Conservative party is handling all of this (i.e. badly!). I could only wish to have a buddy like Nigel Wright who cuts big cheques when things go sideways. Nigel, I could use a few of those bucks myself.

Even if the cheque was entirely innocent it smells more like payola than acting in the public interest as the Conservative talking points would have us believe. Cut the cheque, make it all go away... a done deal. Unfortunately that gambit backfired, resulting in a cascade of resignations including Nigel Wright from the PMOs office and Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin from the conservative caucus.

So the scandal rolls on and where is Stephen Harper in all of this? ... out of the country! Well played! When the sh*t hits the fan, best to get the heck out of the way. I assume the PM will return when this all blows over.

As to the opposition, best to keep a low profile. When the other guys are falling on their faces, best to just let them lie there and not draw attention away from their predicament! Just smile and pretend your gang would never pad their expenses... never!

Updated May 23, 2013

Wow, just when I thought this whole thing was a done deal. The Conservative party has continued to demonstrate that they would rather obstruct and cover up   than deal with any wrongdoing. Unfortunately the cover-up is now a more egregious wrong-doing than the original apparent expense fiddling.  Stop hiding, admit what was done, clean up the mess and move on!